The Cavern was deep but offered visitors a kaleidoscope of color, with crystals cascading light down into shallow ponds of clear-blue water. I could see straight down to the bottom where golden coins, precious stones, fine silverware and other riches had been offered in exchange for a Word with The Wicked...Lilith was quite the glutton for treasure from up above, and it was well known that she would always trade well for a fortune (if you could afford it) just needed to know how to ask her politely. “So, tell me what I need to know!” I announced, my words bouncing about the interior shell like a fly caught in a lantern. “See through the Summer Sun to the break of Fall!’ I listened for a response, and thought I heard rustling and faint whispers coming the far was then that the Cavern fell eerily silent and I felt a chill run down my spine. “Ask, and be disappointed, boy!”, she screeched. It had been nearly seven years, but still...I needed to know.

Follow the steps uncovered to places left undiscovered (for it’s in caverns candle-lit that you’ll find what you are looking for). So tell her what you need to know! See through the summer sun to the break of Fall! To heal your broken heart just forget the one you broke it for and remember, simply said is never simply done.

It is the history of unforeseen against the reinvention of routine. Arms up! Will it be the the courtesan or the calamity? The present is always prescient but it lacks the romance of the past. So if you plan to make an impression, you’d better make it fast.

If you don’t look and you don’t touch, you’ll always alone. If you don’t move and you don’t rush, you’ll never find your back home. He has a way out to win her, and she has the truth in her eyes. So don’t you look at her…don’t you look at her, young man.
— The Seven Years Between, Journer Galstum XVII - Frederick Everwynn